Cabinet Ministers to sign off on indoor dining guidelines

Cabinet ministers are expected to sign off on guidelines for the resumption of indoor dining today.

It’ll allow pubs and restaurants to serve indoors from next Monday – as long as the President signs off on the legislation.

They’ll have to close at 11.30pm, and work is under way on an app to scan Digital Covid Certs for access.

But there will be no time limit on tables – and Cork Publican Michael O’Donovan, from the Vintners Federation of Ireland, says that’s welcome.

“It will stop people going from pub to pub to pub, doing pub crawls.

“Now some may still wish to visit one or two pubs, but at least it will take away from people who want to go out for a couple of hours the crazy scenario where they could only stay out for an hour and 45 minutes and go and move on to the next place.

“Some people will be quite happy to stay two or three hours in the one venue and then go home afterwards.”

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