Irish Water Called To Urgently Address Difficulties At Wastewater Treatment Plant In Shanbally Area

Irish Water is being called on to urgently address difficulties at the wastewater treatment plant in the Shanbally area.

Locals says they have been living with a foul odour in their area for a prolonged period and they are calling for action to be taken immediately.

Work was completed last month at Cork Dockyard pumping station which now transfers raw sewage from thousands of homes and businesses in Cobh for treatment at Shanbally.

The Treatment plant opened in 2017 and locals were told that the process involved would mean that there would be no odours in the community however residents says this is just not the case.

Speaking to RedFM News Cllr Seamus McGrath says the matter has been raised with Irish Water:

“You know, it’s just not acceptable that people have to put up with this. A huge investment was put into this treatment plant. We all know it was for a good reason, in terms of treating what was previously untreated raw sewage going into the harbour, and everyone supported that, but at the same time, it shouldn’t have this impact on the community. It should be operating in the manner we were promised it would operate. So I’m calling on Irish water to address this as a matter of urgency.”


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