7,000 people sign a petition calling for a hybrid Leaving Cert to go ahead this year

The hashtag #HybridLC2022 is gaining traction online, as sixth years make their views known.

Many want the option to accept an accredited grad in their leaving cert instead of sitting the exams in their traditional form.

Currently the Department is running two sets of exams this summer, to cater for anyone who can’t attend the Leaving Cert in June.

The State Examination Commission says it’s “impossible” for teachers to provide an accurate predicted grade this year – as many students haven’t completed the Junior Cert, which was used as basis for accredited scores in 2021.

The TUI and the ASTI representing teachers are firmly against the hybrid Leaving Cert for 2022

But Labour’s spokesperson for Education Aodhan O Riordain says offering students accredited grades is the compassionate options

“I think if you put the student at the heart of this, if you accept that the student is going through an intolerable situation that they have missed out so much of in school learning. That their teachers are out, that they continue to be out. The very same unions were suggesting last week that you could have up to 50% of teachers  out in the coming  weeks because of the raging pandemic. You can’t run a senior cycle, you can’t have an exam year that has so many teachers out”


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