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Donate a Dinner cork penny dinners redfm

While we can’t have that office Christmas party with all the trappings this year, instead we can make sure someone else who needs one, gets one.

Donate a Christmas dinner and help Cork Penny Dinners provide Christmas cheer for those who need it most.

We are asking you and your business or company or colleagues to get together and put some of the money you won’t be spending on your Christmas party this year to very good use.

The cost of providing a hot meal & seasonal cheer served up with care and compassion at Cork Penny Dinners is just €7.50.  So why not skip that sandwich or fancy Christmas edition coffee just once and send it to where it will be hugely appreciated.

It might not seem like a big individual contribution…but if we all do it…

So please donate today to help feed a service user of Cork Penny Dinner’s and together we’ll make Christmas that little bit brighter for us all this year

A RedFM and Insight Insurance initiative in aid of Cork Penny Dinners.


Cork Penny Dinners is a warm dry place in the heart of Cork City with a welcoming atmosphere. Open to all 7 days a week all year round, No questions asked, no judgements made. All services are free of charge to those that need them. Friendly volunteers ensure that all clients are well looked after on the daily. The door is always open, they never judge, they just serve.Currently Cork Penny Dinners serves up to 2000 freshly made meals a week.


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