Cork History Matters – The Death of Terence MacSwiney

Cork History Matters

In episode two of the ‘Cork History Matters’ podcast Dave Mac is in conversation with UCC History Department’s Gabriel Doherty as together they chart the dramatic story of Cork and Ireland through that most tumultuous of years, 1920. Taking up the story from the assassination of Cork’s Sinn Fein Lord Mayor Tómas Mac Curtain in March, to the death of his successor as Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney, following a 74 day hunger strike in Brixton prison, in October. It was an event that garnered global attention and proved an inspiration to such diverse world figures as Gandhi and Ho Chi Minh. Future episodes will take in the infamous Kilmichael ambush in November and the burning of Cork in December. It was an extraordinary, defining year in Ireland’s history and this podcast series brings it to life for you.



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