The Life Hustle – Episode 8 – Be In Food

Life Hustle

For episode 8, Be in Food, Emer and Viv sit down with Jack Crotty of The Rocketman about his new food and community website We hear about Jack’s path into food from a young age growing up working in kitchens with his Mum, how he trained at Ballymaloe after coming back to Ireland from travelling and how his new website is bringing the best quality food from our local farmers and food producers into our homes every week. Jack is a true food entrepreneur, using his love of the industry to bring people together and build community with his new Neighbour Food business. This new venture has inspired us to do a weekly shop on – we hope it does the same for you. If you work in food, want to train in the food industry or like us ….simply adore food …this episode is for you!

Produced by Kilian Pettit



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