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Change Makers

Episode 4 – Riley

This week on Change Makers, we have Lauren from Riley.
Riley is an eco-friendly period product company which was founded by three friends in West Cork. An idea conceived in the throes of the pandemic.

Change Makers

Episode 3 – Blackwater Motors

This week on Change Makers, we have Brian from Blackwater Motors with us to talk all about electric cars. We have all been hit with the rising costs of diesel and petrol cost and the talk of electric cars has increased. The world is changing, and many people are thinking electric vehicles are the future. We all have lots of questions and Brian is here to share with us the benefits of going electric.

Change Makers

Episode 2 – Hanna’s Bees

This week on Change Makers, Hanna from Hanna’s Bees joins us to talk about being a Cork-based beekeeper and how her business focusses on sustainability and biodiversity.

Change Makers

Episode 1 – Cork Rooftop Farm

This week on Change Makers, Brian chats about the Cork Rooftop Farm, a city centre based rooftop farm that grow their own fresh produce which is distributed in the downstairs shop on Cornmarket Street.



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