14-Day Incidence Rate Of Covid-19 Has Reached Highest Level Since Early February

Deputy chief medical officer, Ronan Glynn, says it has risen to 386 per 100,000 people, after over 18,000 cases in the past two weeks.

188 Covid patients were in public hospitals last night, with 30 in intensive care units.

Dr Eoghan de Barra, an infectious diseases consultant in Beaumont Hospital, says more than 80% of those hospitalised with the virus are unvaccinated:

“Happily it’s very, very low as a percentage of the case numbers and that’s the impact of vaccination. And the age profile is younger. More than 80% of those admitted to hospital with COVID are unvaccinated, so this is largely a disease now, in terms of hospitalisation, of the unvaccinated. So, the way we can beat this is by people getting completed vaccination courses.”


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