149 People Have Lost Their Lives On Irish Roads So Far This Year

149 people have lost their lives on Irish roads so far this year – 26 more than the same time in 2021.

Gardaí and the Road Safety Authority have issued an update on their Christmas road safety campaign, which is focusing on driving under the influence.

In the first week of the campaign, 144 people were arrested for driving under the influence.

216 motorists were caught using a mobile phone while driving, and over 3,700 speeding offences were detected.

Here in Cork, 13 people have died on the county’s roads so far this year.

In an effort to save Cork lives this Christmas, Cork’s RedFM has teamed up with the Gaelic Players Association, the Road Safety Authority and the Gardaí.

The road safety campaign, featuring Cork players – Patrick Horgan and Hannah Looney – is urging all motorists to prioritise their performance behind the wheel and maintain absolute focus when driving.

Tom Parsons from the GPA says the association with the Road Safety Authority and Cork’s RedFM is very important:

“We have 4,000 male and female intercounty players, who train and prepare to play our intercounty games, and drive the length and the breadth of the country. So it’s really important that our members are safe and have safe driving practices. And then, you know, we’re very unique across our society that our 4000 Intercounty players are also role models. So getting players behind road safety campaigns is very, very important and, and we know that the next generation and young people do to look up to intercounty parents as role models and those messages are really, really important”.


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