1st anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Its one year to the day since Russian forces invaded Ukraine.

The country’s intelligence service is being warned to expect increased missile attacks in the coming days to coincide with the anniversary.

More than 8 thousand civilians have died, while as many as 13 thousand have been injured.

According to the UN the true number is likely to be substantially higher.

14 million people have been displaced from their homes.

At least 487 children were killed and 954 injured.

Speaking on the anniversary of the conflict the Taoiseach commended the resolve and bravery of the Ukrainian Government and people, he also thanked the Irish people for the generosity of their response.

Leo Varadkar says Irish people have shown empathy and compassion in standing up for what is right.

He also paid tribute to all those who have opened their hearts, their homes and their communities to people in need, describing it as a great and unprecedented national effort that reflects well on who we are.

Meanwhile he United Nations General Assembly has backed a resolution calling for Russia to end its conflict in Ukraine and demanding the withdrawal of its forces.

It passed by 141 votes to 7, with 32 abstentions – including China.

The vote isn’t legally binding so Moscow’s likely to just ignore it.

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