258 People In Cork Got Penalty Points For Driving A Vehicle Without Insurance Last Year

3,147 people got penalty points for driving a vehicle without insurance last year.

According to freedom of information figures, there were 258 in Cork and 780 in Dublin.

The offence results in five penalty points and a court appearance, which could result in a 5,000 euro fine.

But Sinn Féin’s transport spokesperson, Darren O’Rourke, says even tougher action is needed:

“In Britain, it’s the case that you can be punished for not having insurance on your vehicle, even if you’re not caught driving that vehicle. So it’s an offence to own a vehicle that is uninsured. In Ireland, you have to be caught driving the vehicle to be prosecuted either with penalty points or a fine. I think that’s a loophole that can and should be addressed”.


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