300,000 people forced into poverty in the last year according to report

Housing costs are expected to push more Cork families into poverty.

Roughly a fifth of the country’s population’s living below the poverty line when housing costs like rent are factored in.

That’s one of the findings of a new Social Justice Ireland report, which estimates an extra 300,000 people have been forced into poverty in the past year.

It also finds the poverty risk of households in receipt of subsidies like HAP, is two and a half times greater after they’ve paid their rent.

Colette Bennett, Economic and Social Analyst with Social Justice Ireland says housing subsidies are so inadequate, they’re driving greater numbers into poverty.

“What’s particularly stunning is that those households that are not in local authority social housing but are being housed through subsidies like HAP or the rent supplement, they go  from 22.7% in terms of poverty risk to 55.9%.

“It’s two and a half times the pre housing cost the poverty risk.”

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