326 Patients With Covid In hospital This Afternoon – Increase Of Almost A Third In A Week

There have been 47 admissions since yesterday and 34 patients have been discharged.

Latest figures show 59 patients in intensive care units – down slightly on yesterday’s total of 61.

Dr Patrick Seigne, intensive care consultant at Cork University Hospital, says some people with the disease are still getting very sick:

“Some of these patients are in there for, you know, weeks, and in some cases months, and they get these debilitating kind of weaknesses. I mean it doesn’t only just affect your lungs, it affects your your neuromuscular system too, so so, like, you get a dose of flu, but if you, sort of, multiply that by 100, I mean all these patients can’t even lift their fingers off the bed, and that can take months to recover from.”


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