47% Of People Say They Will Continue To Wear Masks In Public Spaces Even When No Longer Mandatory

47 per cent of people say they will continue to wear masks in public spaces when it’s no longer mandatory.

A survey of over 1,000 people has found that the majority agreed that last weekend was the right time to ease restrictions.

4 in 10 respondents say they’ll be less inclined to hug or shake hands post-pandemic, with 3 in 10 more reluctant to use cash into the future.

Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin – Brendan Kelly – says the big message is: we need to be tolerant of those who are anxious.

“You know, the study found that many people will wear face coverings, even in settings where it’s not mandatory. And we do need to be aware that this might be a good thing for those people, that it might be a comfort, it might help some people to take those extra steps going to the town, go to the shops and move forward out of this with their face coverings. And you know, that can be a very positive thing, once we tolerate it and understand it.


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