491 People Homeless And Sleeping In Emergency Accommodation Across City And County In Last Week Of February

491 people were homeless and sleeping in emergency accommodation across the city and county in the last week of February.

Nationwide, 9,492 people were homeless at that time, a significant increase of 342 from January’s number.

Focus Ireland is warning that homeless figures will continue to rise due to landlords leaving the rental market.

It’s expressing alarm over a 60 per cent increase in eviction notices in 2021, compared to the previous year.

Focus Ireland spokesperson, Conor Culkin is worried over the rise in homelessness, particularly among children:

“Yesterday’s figures are a deep concern for Focus Ireland. We’ve seen in the last few months that there’s been a consecutive increase in the number of people who are becoming homeless. But what’s most concerning is the amount of children who are homeless. We’re seeing, according to latest figures, over 2,600 children who are out without a home.”


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