503 adults were homeless in Cork at Christmas

503 adults were homeless in Cork at Christmas.

That’s according to Cork Simon who say that’s a 14 percent increase on last year.

The city based charity say that figures are increasing due to the cost of living crisis and not being able to afford housing and they expect the figures to increase in January when people need emergency accommodation after staying with family or friends during the Christmas holidays.

Speaking to RedFM News, Paul Sheehan from the Cork Simon says Christmas is an extremely difficult time of the year to be in emergency accommodation:

“It’s a very emotional time for people you know, dwelling on what they had what they lost what could have been. It can be very difficult particularly for people who are estranged from their family and emergency accommodation at the moment is packed to the rafters. obviously it’s a much better option than sleeping on the street. But, you know, they’re very difficult environments. You know far too many people packed into a small space. Many people with fairly complex needs, you know, it’s a difficult time for everybody.”


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