60% of NCT centres have no available appointments for 6 months.

Almost 60% of NCT centres have no test appointment available within the next five months.

They include centres in 17 counties throughout the country.

As of yesterday evening, nine testing sites had no appointment available until August.

Here in Cork the earliest available appointment at the Blarney test centre is July 7th while the earliest appointment at Little Island is the 18th of July.

In a statement the NCT say they are experiencing high demand at present however the available appointments that customers see online only represent one third of the actual appointments available for that time and the service will open the remaining two thirds of appointments two weeks ahead once they finalise schedules and staff availability

The statement adds that if a customer requires an earlier appointment than those available online, they can use the priority list and the NCTS will endeavour to get them an appointment within 28 days.

Junior Transport Minister, Jack Chambers, says improvement is badly needed.

“The current waiting list times are totally unacceptable, and I know it’s very disappointing for many people and causing anxiety and worry for people who are waiting for a test.

“People expect a proper standard of service, and it’s meant to be a 12 day Applus, who provide the service on behalf of the road safety authority.”


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