70 Ukranian refugees have arrived at the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet

The Minister overseeing the housing of Ukrainian refugees says the the use or more large grouped accommodation is likely.

70 people fleeing the Russian invasion arrived at the former Eurovision venue – the Green Glens Area in Millstreet last night, where they will share living and eating facilities but will be provided with private sleeping spaces for families.

Development Officer with IRD Duhallow, Louise Bourke says the Green Glens Arena has been converted into a so-called Temporary Reception Centre.

Speaking to RedFM News she says while food donations are not needed at present, donations of clothing would be most welcome

“Badly needed clothes I mean, as you can imagine, like you’ve got 500 refugees in a very, very small area. so people have been amazing donating so much but just the volume coming in – as you know there will be 400 refugees coming into Millstreet”


More than half of the accommodation pledged by Irish people through the Red Cross hasn’t materialised and it’s anticipated there will be a shortage by the end of next week.

Minister Roderic O’Gorman says 4000 extra beds will become available on 3rd level campuses from the end of May, but it still won’t meet demand.

I think this kind of larger scale grouped accommodation is more likely going forward. I know in Poland I know in Romania, large stadia from, from very early on in this crisis were taken over and camp beds put in them. Look, I don’t think anyone feels that that approach is the optimum, it’s not in the perfect world, it’s not what we’d like to be providing for people, but we’re not in a perfect world we’re in a major European war”


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