80% of Covid patients in hospital over 65 according to Health Minister

The health minister says 80% of people currently in hospital with Covid are over the age of 65.

Stephen Donnelly says most of them haven’t had their covid booster.

442 people are currently in hospital with the virus, compared to 284 a month ago.

Minister Donnelly has again urged everyone over 50 to get their booster:

“Of the several hundred we now have in hospital with Covid, nearly 80% of them are over 65. Unfortunately, even though three in every four people over 65 have had a booster in hospital, we have a lot of people in that one in four group who haven’t had the boost or of the small group of those over 65 who have not got the latest booster or any of the vaccines are massively over represented and those who are coming into our hospitals and we need those beds for other patients.”

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