93 baby bats discovered in roof of Cork AIB branch

93 baby bats have been reunited with their mothers, after they were discovered at a bank in Cork.

The bat-pups were found living in the roof space of the AIB Blarney Branch.

Staff initially discovered two baby bats last Monday, with the number reaching almost 100 by Wednesday.

Susan Kirwen from Bat Rehabilitation Ireland was among those involved in the rescue operation:

“There was huge operation, we managed to assess the bank and they found where the bats were coming in. We then brought the bat cubs back after three nights of first aid and care, which was feeding around 90 bat cubs every three hours. We brought them back down and they were put back up into the roof. AIB staff, National Parks and Wildlife and bat specialists all got together for the welfare of those pups, so it was quite amazing.


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