A New Sustainable Café has come to Cork City

Do you love vegan and vegetarian food, but sometimes find your options are limited? Well, at sustainable café Sonflour, which has just moved into its new home on Castle Street, the possibilities are endless.

Italian friends, Eugenio Nobile and Lorenzo Barba, who moved to Cork three years ago, are the brains behind Sonflour.

The restaurants menu and ethos is ‘Inspired by Italy,  grown in Ireland’ – something we can definitely get behind.

On the café’s website they describe their menu as follows:

“Our menu reflects tradition, authenticity, affordability and the typical Mediterranean flavour of our dishes. Our food is characterised by freshness, by seasonality of the products used and by being healthy, suiting everybody’s taste and in the possibility for Eco-friendly take away. Our sustainability effort can be found also in our choice to select local products and local ingredients to support the Irish companies.”

Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, pasta, focaccia, sweet treats or even just some light bites, Sonflour really has it all.

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