A No-Trade-Deal Brexit Looks Increasingly Likely

Little progress is being made in Brexit negotiations

There remains a significant gap on the outstanding issues heading into the weekend.

Seán Defoe has this report for RedFM News:

‘There’s been a sense all year, even when talks were disrupted because of COVID, that a Brexit trade deal would be tricky to do but would ultimately get done. Over the last few days a lot of that optimism has fizzled away, with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen saying there’s still a big gap on the outstanding issues. So this weekend becomes vitally important. The UK government is arguing it’s prepared if there is no deal. The EU has put contingency plans forward but they’re also problematic, as any agreement to allow planes, fright and fishing rights would have to be approved by the UK as well, just to keep the status quo for a little longer.’


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