A North Cork Campaign Group Fighting Plans For The Proposed M20 Motorway Say Locals Should Engage In The Public Consultation Process

The ‘No to M20 Navy Route Group’ in North Cork was formed by residents in the Whitechurch and Blarney area.

They have expressed concerns over the proximity of their homes to one the routes being proposed for the infrastructure which will connect Cork and Limerick cities.

The groups say while they’re not opposed to the motorway itself, they believe a better alternative is available that won’t see farmers lose their land and many homes with a motorway in their back garden.

The public consultation period was extended to allow people in the area to engage with the process and speaking to RedFM News, local resident in the area and spokesperson for the campaign group Deirdre Hosford says people should be aware of the plans for their area which might affect them more than they realise:

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