AA labels toll increase charges as ‘huge blow to motorists’

An increase in toll charges is another huge blow to motorists, according to the AA.

Road tolls will increase to the highest charges permitted come next year.

Motorists can expect the cost of using one of Ireland’s ten toll roads on the national road network to rise by up to 60 cent each journey, with the exception of Dublin’s Port Tunnel.

Here in Cork the toll on the M8 Rathcormac/Fermoy bypass will rise to €2.10 for cars which is a increase of 10 cent.

Head of Communications at AA Roadwatch, Paddy Comyn says for a lot of motorists public transport isn’t an option:

“The timing is particularly distressing for motorists, given the huge cost of living across the board are we’ve seen record diesel prices in the last month we saw record petrol prices in April of this year. So the cost of motoring has really, really increased. We’ve pointed out many times, there just aren’t alternatives for many people when it comes to public transport.”


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