Addiction Is Encroaching On All Aspects Of Cork Society Regardless Of Gender, Background Or Age

That’s according to Con Cremin who is the Senior Counsellor at Tabor Fellowship House addiction treatment centre.

Figures released by the Health Research Board show the number of people seeking treatment for cocaine addiction in Cork has nearly trebled in the last five years.

The report details that after alcohol, the main problem drugs in Cork are opioids such as heroin and codeine, as well as cocaine, cannabis and benzodiazepines.

Speaking to RedFM News, Con Cremin says there is a predominance of men seeking treatment but there is now a significant number of women reaching out for help too:

“Addiction is very much reflected in the population that we have, in that it’s right across age groups. Now always there’s a predominance of men but there’s quite a significant number of women seeking treatment, so it’s right across society, right across age groups, right across socio-economic profiles as well. Predominantly people seek treatment for alcohol related problems, and most people that we meet that use more than alcohol have problems with cocaine, cannabis, prescription medications like benzodiazepines as well.”


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