Ads for Cork take to the Netherlands as part of new Tourism Ireland promotion

Thousands of commuters in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are now seeing eye-catching ads for Ireland on trams operating in the city.  

This is part of Tourism Ireland’s latest promotion in the Netherlands, which aims to highlight Ireland and, in particular, the ease of access for Dutch holidaymakers to the Wild Atlantic Way via Cork. 

The ads will run between now and the 6th of January 2022 and the ‘Ierland’ trams will take different routes each day. 

This is to ensure the ads are as seen by as many people as possible.  

The tagline of the ad is: “Vlieg naar Cork en ontdek de Wild Atlantic Way” (meaning “Fly to Cork and discover the Wild Atlantic Way”).  

 Tram in Amsterdam, ‘wrapped’ in an ad for Cork and the Wild Atlantic Way.
PIC – Nils van Houts (no repro fee)

In addition to the ‘wrapped’ trams, the promotion also includes digital billboard ads in metro stations in Amsterdam, which will be viewed an estimated 2 million times between now and early January.  

Karen van der Horst, Tourism Ireland’s Manager for Northern Europe, said:  

“Our new promotion for the Wild Atlantic Way will be seen by many prospective Dutch visitors – encouraging them to consider flying to Cork to discover the Wild Atlantic Way. It’s a fun way of shining a spotlight on ‘Ierland’ in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as well as highlighting ease of access from the Netherlands to Cork.” 


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