Afghan Man Living In Cork Says His Family In Afghanistan Still In Shock Following A Bombing In Their Town At The Weekend

Bilal Jalil, who runs Cool Ireland on Patrick Street in the city, says 18 of his family and neighbours were killed when three bombs fell on their homes last weekend.

Bilal’s mother and brother were injured in the blast, while his cousin lost a leg.

He has appealed for the government here to allow his family to come to Ireland to escape the Taliban.

Speaking to RedFM News, Bilal says his brother was so shocked by the incident that he was unable to talk:

“She’s okay; she’s a little bit sick and she’s injured. And my brother’s: he can’t talk right now, I think he has some shock. He’s basically like hand language. He can’t talk. That the day, like Saturday night and Sunday morning, that it happened. And so many people like they’re in shock basically.”


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