Age Action Ireland calling for gender equality within the Irish state pension system

Age Action Ireland is calling for gender equality within the Irish state pension system.

Women, at present, are often only entitled to a smaller state pension – particularly if they were stay at home mothers or carers.

A bonus payment for pensioners is expected to be announced in next month’s budget, however this will not address the gender disparity.

Speaking to RedFM News, Policy Specialist with Age Action Ireland, Nat O Connor says people assume that everyone is treated equally:

“When it comes to the state pension, people think, well, you know, men and women get the same amount of money. But the difficulty arises when you get into the details. So for example, in some cases, you have a couple of where they’re only getting one pension, which might be the husband’s pension, and they’re getting a qualified adult increase, usually going to the woman or the house as part of that pension, but it’s a lesser amount of money and you don’t get things such as when you turn 80. You don’t get the extra €10 that people would get on a normal state pension. So there is that pension inequality.”


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