Agri-Aware: Children Left Do Work On Farms Which Is Not Age Appropriate And Dangerous To Their Health

That’s the view of Agri-Aware which is looking to spread more information about the hazards of working on farms.

The 9th Annual Farm Safety Week runs until this Friday.

Over the last decade, 21 children have lost their lives on Irish farms.

Agri-Aware runs the Farm Safe Schools Programme and,

the co-ordinator of the programme, Alma Jordan says they are trying to educate children how to stay safe when helping out on the farm:

“All too often we are seeing children being exposed to situations on our farms that are not age appropriate and being put into a situation where they’re expected to handle and control a piece of machinery that they’re not yet mature enough to handle. We do hope that by instilling in them at this early age, all these different skills and advice and tips that we’re going to make them instinctively safer should they one day become a farmer.”


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