Agriculture Minister says his door is always open to discuss issues affecting the industry

The Agriculture Minister says his door is always open to farming groups, who want to discuss issues affecting the industry.

It follows a large picket outside the Department of Agriculture yesterday, where a meeting was scheduled to take place to discuss new nitrogen limits.

Four of the five farm groups invited to the meeting by the Minister to discuss the changes, boycotted it.

They instead joined an IFA led protest outside ‘Ag House’.

Minister Charlie McConalogue says he will continue to invite farming groups to discuss the matter.

“I’m always open to all farm organizations and I’ve worked very collaboratively with them and we’ll continue to do that because it’s important we work together and particularly important we work together to maintain this derogation. So for negotiation again in two years time, maintaining it and maintaining it at the 220 which is where we’re gonna we’re gonna have to move to is critical to our farming system and I’d work with farmers to support them in every way possible.”


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