AGSI members to march to Garda HQ

100 members of the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors will march to Garda HQ this morning for its first “Day of Action.”

A letter will be handed to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris highlighting concerns the association has relating to health, safety and welfare.

The AGSI says a commitment members would return to their normal work pattern post-pandemic has not been honoured by Commissioner Harris.

It’s General Secretary Antoinette Cunningham says today’s march is a clear sign of the frustration, stress and anger amongst members.

“What’s actually happening now is that Garda Commissioner is trying to impose a roster down on top of us, despite the fact that he gave us an agreement that we would return to previous shift patterns.

“That undertaking has not been honoured by him. He’s now trying to impose a roster without an agreement.

“That roster is not appropriate in terms of a work – life balance.”

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