AI will have major implications for cyber security, says Ronan Murphy of Smarttech247

The founder of the Cork-based Smarttech247 says rapid advances in artificial intelligence have major implications for cyber security.

Ronan Murphy says the technology will allow hackers to increase the speed and amount of attacks they carry out, but also says it will be used to build better defences.

The capability of AI to generate content that is almost identical to that produced by a person has been highlighted in recent days after The Irish Times published an article purporting to be written by a 29 year old “healthcare administrator”.

The paper later apologised when it emerged the article was written by a program called Chat GPT and the photo of the writer was also generated by AI.

Speaking to RedFM News, Ronan Murphy from Smarttech247 says the technology has positives and negatives.

“Obviously the bad guys are using AI now to try and increase the velocity of the attacks that they are launching and in many different areas, from impersonating executives, to identifying vulnerabilities to building exploits faster and more efficiently.

“But at the same time here in Smarttech we use AI to build better defences to make people’s systems more robust and to make our analysts more efficient in what they do.”

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