All Children Aged Five To Eleven Years Old Can Now Be Registered For Covid-19 Vaccination

All children aged five to eleven years old can now be registered for Covid-19 vaccination.

Parents can register their children through the HSE’s online portal.

Five to eleven year olds will be given a child’s dose of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

Dr Lucy Jessop, Director of Public Health at the National Immunisation Office, says parents can get more information on the HSE’s website:

“We have a leaflet and other extensive information to help them make their decision about vaccinating their children against COVID-19. And then also they have a cartoon there to help them explain to their children, also around the vaccine, and the process of the vaccine centre. And then when they have made their decision, if they want to sign up for the vaccine, they can go onto the HSE website in the portal and add in their details or they can phone HSE Live and book an appointment that way.”


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