Almost 6,000 penalty points issued to unaccompanied learner drivers

Almost 6,000 learner drivers got penalty points last year for not being accompanied by a qualified motorist.

It’s an increase of nearly 200 on the previous year, according to freedom of information figures.

It’s against the law for you to drive unaccompanied on a learner permit.

If you do, your car could be seized and you’ll get two penalty points.

Brian Farrell, from the Road Safety Authority, says it could lead to you being put off the road.

“Normal or ordinary drivers, if they accumulate 12 points over a three year period they face 6 months disqualification.

“For novice drivers, or learner drivers in the context of unaccompanied driving, they face being off the road for six months if they get 7 points over a three year period.

“They’re playing high stakes poker if they’re getting behind the wheel of a car and driving on their own.”

5,929 penalty point notices were issued to learner drivers last year for not being accompanied by a qualified motorist.

That’s 185 more than the previous year.

Of last year’s notices, more than a third – or 2,145 – were issued to drivers in Dublin.

619 were issued in Cork, 355 in Kildare, and 263 in Wexford.

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