Almost 70 Of Female TDs And Senators Who Responded To Survey Have Been Verbally Harassed On The Street

Almost 70 per cent of female TDs and Senators who responded to a survey, have been verbally harassed on the street.

A poll of 33 female members of the Oireachtas shows many don’t feel safe walking alone at night.

Five of the respondents admitted to previously being attacked.

Green Party Senator Roisin Garvey says we need to be more proactive in tackling the issue:

“This word consent has to become the norm, and it should be a word we don’t even have to use anymore because people know what to do and like I have friends who give workshops on consent, but they find it very hard to get into schools before Fourth Year. They need to come in and Fifth and Sixth Class. And parents need to be very aware of the role modelling they do with their kids.”


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