Almost €12 million paid to 994 Council employees in overtime and allowances in 2020

Cork City Council is reviewing it’s overtime policy and has cut off several allowances after an audit found that close to €12 million was paid to 994 Council employees in overtime and allowances in 2020.

The figures are contained in a Statutory Audit Report to the members of Cork City Council for the year ending on the 31 of December 2020.

Local Government Auditor John Collins’ report which is signed the 27th of October 2021 found that €11.87 million in overtime and allowances were paid to 994 Council employees in 2020.

247 of those employees were paid over €20,000 in overtime and allowances.

In her response, Council Chief Executive Ann Doherty said a Council overtime policy would be signed off by senior management by the end of that year and that a review of allowances had resulted in the discontinuation of several allowance. The Chief Executive said that the schedule of allowances is also being updated.

The report also says that just €163,000 of €3.2 million deemed due by the council in derelict site levies was collected in 2020.

The Council Chief Executive said that invoices totaling €1.73 million were generated during that year and that just five derelict sites combined amounted to a levy due that was over €900,000.

The five ‘City Trees’ installed on Patrick Street and Grand Parade at a cost of €404,000 to combat pollution are also mentioned in the report. The robot trees were fully funded by the National Transport Authority.

The auditor found no documentary advice to confirm a value for money assessment prior to the purchase.

In her response the Chief Executive said it was not possible to complete a full traditional value for money assessment due to the constraints of piloting the new technology.


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