Alone Calls For €40 Increase In State Pension Over Next Two Budgets

Alone is calling for an increase of 40 Euro in the State Pension over the next two budgets.

The organisation is also urging the government to simplify the processes for older people who are applying for entitlements.

It has also recommended the fuel allowance should begin in September and end in May, with an increase of 33 Euro to 53 Euro per week

CEO of Alone Sean Moynihan said budget 2023 is crucial in order to protect older persons during the winter months:

“We feel this is a very significant budget- the most significant in recent years. What we’re looking for is basically €20 on the pension, €20 on the Living-Alone-Allowance and on the Fuel Allowance. I think the reality is for a lot of older people, energy and heating is a public health issue. And so ultimately we need to make sure that nobody is left without the resources to heat their house”.


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