Anger over proposals for BusConnects routes in Douglas

A city councillor says National Transport Authority proposals for BusConnects in Douglas amount to ‘environmental vandalism.’

Cllr Kieran McCarthy says he is totally opposed to plans for a 20 metre wide bridge through Ballybrack Woods from Maryborough Woods to Donnybrook Hill.

The proposal for the Grange to Douglas bus corridor which includes the compulsory purchase of a part of some gardens along the route has been discussed by over 300 residents at two separate meetings in the past week.

The NTA estimates that around 990 properties in total will lose some part of their garden to allow for the 12 proposed bus corridors.

Speaking to RedFM News, Cllr Kieran McCarthy says some locals are very upset about the proposals for their areas:

“For example, the extreme on Douglas road is 20 meter square, in terms of compulsory purchase order that’s on the draft maps. I think people are really angry just the lack of communication, the information that has been sent on. There are there is no signed name to any of the documentation. People don’t know where to go. Now there is a public information series of events that are starting this week and going into the next two weeks for different parts of the city. But people generally will be getting given two or three minutes to talk about their area. A compulsory purchase order, like you you need loads of time to work on that.”


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