Archaeologists say men buried underneath Nancy Spain’s pub suffered brutal and gruesome death

Archaeologists have confirmed that the six men who’s remains were found beneath the Nancy Spain’s pub on Barrack Street suffered a violent and gruesome death.

Cork City Council say that four of the six men were dumped in a shallow mass grave with their hands tied behind their backs and points to a military connection.

Three of the men were aged between eighteen and twenty five and radiocarbon dating places the remains between the mid-1400s and the early 1600s.

The site also revealed a ditch which suggests association with the Hiberno-Scandinavian settlement, which has been proven through archaeological research, to have developed in the South Main Street area and the southern end of Barrack Street.

Speaking to RedFM News, City Archaeologist with Cork City Council, Ciara Brett says it’s an exceptional discovery:

“Those dates, kind of tie it into a period where there was a lot of historical and military events going on at the time so they could those burials could range from events such as the Desmond Rebellion or the nine years war, or even that culminated obviously the battle Kinsale but there was a revolt in the city around 1600 as well. So I mean it’s quite significant, and their location is very near Elizabeth fort so we’re delighted to confirm the date, and to tie it down a bit closer.”


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