Around Half Of Young Children Infected By Salmonella Outbreak As Result Of Eating Certain ‘Kinder’ Products Ended Up In Hospital

Around half of young children infected by a salmonella outbreak as a result of eating certain Kinder products have ended up in hospital.

15 cases of salmonella have been confirmed in Ireland, most of them children.

Ferrero has recalled a number of Kinder products, including Kinder Surprise, mini-eggs and Schokobons regardless of their best before date.

Dr Paul McKeon from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre outlines what symptoms parents should look out for if their children are unwell:

“If they are ill. the symptoms of salmonella to watch out for are: first of all, being unwell, having diarrhoea, maybe a tummy upset and occasionally vomiting. And in general those symptoms tend to be relatively simple and easily dealt with – particularly in older children”.


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