Asthmatics over reliant on steroids, says Asthma Society

Thousands of asthmatics are over-reliant on toxic steroids as part of their care plan, according to the Asthma Society.

The tablets are to be used in the short-term, but a study carried out by the group has shown they’re use is more common.

380,000 sufferers collected the steroids are pharmacies between 2018 and 2020.

Sarah O’Connor is CEO of the Asthma Society – she says people need to be aware.

“It’s a big call to action to say – if you think you or a family member are having to use steroid tablets or oral corticosteroids, come to us at the Asthma Society, come to your GP, come to your consultant and have a really good conversation, particularly where you as a patient say ‘I’ve been taking these three times this year, or I’ve been taking them twice this year and is my day to day management up to scratch?'”

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