AstraZeneca delay means Government target could be missed

The government’s target of getting 700,000 people vaccinated by March may be missed because of an under-delivery from AstraZeneca.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has said they don’t know how many doses of the vaccine will be delivered after mid-March.

That could also lead to a delay in the target of getting every resident vaccinated by September.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says the government is in discussions about getting as many vaccine doses as possible.

“The figure of 700,000 was conditional on supply coming in, including from AstraZeneca.

“Of  he 700,000, and that was people rather than doses, included in that was an assumption of AstraZeneca for just under 600,000 doses.

“Right now they are not committing to that 600,000 – we’re in negotiations to see what we can get.”


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