Asylum seekers to stage hunger strike in support of man living at Kinsale Road direct provision centre

Asylum Seekers Ireland say frustration at the system has led to a group of asylum seekers to take the extreme measure of staging a hunger strike today outside Leinster House in support of a man living in the Kinsale Road direct provision centre in Cork.

Nadim Hussain, an Indian asylum seeker who has worked in restaurants and as hospital security says his asylum case was rejected by the Department of Justice, despite providing it with evidence of the danger he would be in if he had to return to his native country.

Human Rights Watch reported in February that the Indian government adopted laws and policies that systematically discriminate against Muslims and stigmatise government critics.

Nadim has travelled to Dublin along with a group of supporters who are hoping to raise awareness of his case and many others who have been out on deportation lists.

Speaking to RedFM News Roos Demol Movement of Asylum Seekers Ireland says the situation is very stressful.

“It’s a very, very difficult situation, especially the ones who feel it’s unfair, that they really do face stress at home.

“You can imagine what goes through their heads every time they have to sign up -‘are they going to send me back’?

“I can very much understand the reason why this hunger strike is happening.

“I am a bit worried about Nadim, as he looks like quite a fragile man, so I will tell him to be very very careful.

“Hunger strike is very extreme, but I can understand the frustration from people.”


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