Atlantic Pond Vigil For Ashling Murphy Attracts Hundreds

Hundreds of people attended a vigil in the city this morning to mark the life of Ashling Murphy.

The gathering at the Atlantic Pond was the latest event in remembrance of the 23 year old school teacher who was attacked and killed while out for a run in Tullamore on Wednesday.

Thousands gathered around the country yesterday with pictures of the vigils being seen around the world as shock over the murder spreads.

Vigils were held and are being organised for almost every town and village in the country this weekend- staff at the vaccination centre at City Hall paused on the steps of the building yesterday evening to set up a vigil.

Speaking to RedFM News, coordinator of the centre Noreen O’Leary said staff felt it was important to honour Ashling:

“Well, I suppose like the rest of the country, absolutely shocked and numb. We don’t know what we can see or what we could do to just convey our absolute sympathies to the family of Ashling. So this is just a small gesture on behalf of City Hall Vaccination Centre to just extend our heartfelt apologies and sincere condolences to the family.”

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