Bantry man in Ukraine says his family are in fear as Russian forces advance

A Bantry man living in Ukraine says he and his family are facing tough decisions on whether to stay or go as Russian forces advance eastwards

Eugene O’Sullivan says Russian tanks are getting closer to Dykanka  where he lives with his wife, son and mother-in-law and they are hearing reports of civilians being shot

Eugene is a welder and has work in the country but has been advised along with other Irish nationals by the Department of Foreign Affairs to get out of the country.

Speaking to RedFM News he says they have yet to decide if they will stay or go as the family may need to separate as his mother in law would be unable to travel

Eugene : “Civilians are being murdered this is what we are  being told, and we are all worried that when they come into our area that the same thing could happen

Lana : “Are you trying to make a decision on whether to leave the country?”

Eugene : ” We are trying to make a decision and work out what is going to happen, we haven’t made a decision yet on who is going to stay, if we have to separate as somebody will have to stay behind with my mother in law. We are still trying to work it all out”


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