Barnardos concerned about children’s wellbeing during pandemic

A children’s charity says ‘cracks’ are appearing in families, and children are losing their ‘sparkle’ during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Barnardos says it’s growing increasingly concerned about their wellbeing and futures.

An online event’s being held later to mark this week’s one-year anniversary of restrictions, with calls to introduce a national recovery plan for children and young people.

Chief executive of Barnardos, Suzanne Connolly, says Covid-19 has pushed many to the edge.

“Our staff are telling us that they’re very worried about the wellbeing of children and their parents.

“What they’re telling us is that families are under a lot of strain, that there’s financial worries, mental health worries, and also worries about the impact that school closure over the last year has had on their children’s social, emotional and educational wellbeing.”

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