Barnardos survey shows impact of cost of living crisis on families

A new survey out this morning shows the cost of living crisis is having a detrimental effect on families.

The study by the children’s charity Barnardos found 37% of families have had to cut down or do without basic essentials.

It also showed 43% of parents couldn’t afford to buy new clothes for their kids.

Stephen Moffat, National Policy Manager with Barnardos, says more families are facing hardship.

“A large proportions have either had to cut back or go without essentials such as food, heating, electricity, clothing.

“Parents have said they’ve had to cut back on their children’s social activities.

“Unfortunately, more and more parents are finding themselves always worried, nearly 20% are always worried about being able to provide their children with essentials.

“There are real concerns about more children being pulled into depravation.”


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