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This week our article with Savills Cork is all about the benefit of buying a new home. Maybe you are trying to decided which option is better for you. Well, Savills have compiled a list to outline the benefits of buying a new home.


When deciding what and where to buy its very important to know what you want to get out of your house, whether you buy a second-hand home or a new build. Now more than ever, we need to start thinking about sustainability, what’s better for our environment and how we can run our homes more efficiently while reducing our heating and electricity costs.


Below, Savills Cork have outlined a number of the huge benefits you will receive when buying a new home


Air to Water Heating

Powered by 65% renewable energy extracted from the air and only 35% electricity, this is an excellent system to provide your home with constant hot water while also being environmentally friendly. The system reacts with outside temperatures to maintain a constant comfortable temperature inside your home. Zoned heating areas and under floor heating can also feature in new homes.

Demand Control Ventilation

This system improves the air quality within the new home.


Heat Recovery Unit

This system ensures air tightness while fresh air is constantly being refreshed within the new home.


Highly efficient Windows

Most new homes are now fitted with double glazed windows with an excellent low U-value. Some new builds have triple glazed windows. This will contribute to your home’s efficiency with greater levels of sound insulation & thermal quality.

10 Year Structural Guarantee

This guarantee offers purchasers of a new build home 10-year structural defects warranty giving you peace of mind.


 Media communications

Gone are the days where you would need to wire surround sound, internet connections and alarm systems. New builds can offer Cat 5/6 cabling, wireless Wi-Fi & alarm systems.

Alarm systems can offer so much more than just a security alarm on your house; security systems can be linked with the lighting all around your home so that when you get to your driveway lights within your house automatically turn on.

In some cases, new build homes are equipped to facilitate installation of smart heating controls making you able to run your home more efficiently and easily as this can all be controlled through your smart phone.

Better mortgage rates with new homes

A lot of banks are currently offering competitive mortgage rates for homes with high BER energy ratings.


Lastly, you get to choose your own style in your brand-new home!

Its much easier to create the space you want when you have a brand-new blank canvas. The possibilities are endless, and this is where the fun starts after you’ve gone through the lengthy mortgage approval process and been lucky enough to pay a deposit for the house of your dreams!


Below are a few tips from Savills Cork to keep in mind, if you are trying to get on the property ladder…


New Home Schemes to help get on the property ladder:
Help to Buy Scheme

The Help to Buy scheme is a tax relief available to first time buyers that they can use towards the purchase of their new home. It can be used for properties that are priced up to €500,000.

First Home Scheme

The First Home scheme is available to buyers who need up to 30% of the price of the new home to put with their mortgage approval amount and their savings. It bridges the gap to allow them to be able to buy. The First Home scheme is provided by the State.

The amount paid by the State is paid back over a number of years depending on the amount.

The State will then own a stake of your home.

The above advantages to buying a new home will benefit you every day. Now more than ever, as not only is it lowering your energy costs, but it’s better for the environment.  It’s also worth mentioning that when you buy a new home it will still feel modern in 20 years time, whereas it will cost you more to continuously modernise a second hand home.

When you buy new, there is no need for a separate contingency budget to keep aside for repairs or replacements of boilers or windows, for example.

For more information, Savills are on hand to take you though the new home process. All Savills New Homes in Cork can be found here.



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