Biden edges closer to the White House

Joe Biden’s path to the White House could become clearer later as a number of states remain too close to call.

The Democratic challenger needs just 17 electoral college votes.

The US President Donald Trump is continuing to question the counting process in a number of states.

He’s been complaining about voter fraud, although Twitter’s flagged several of his tweets as misleading.

His lawyer Rudy Giuliani is pursuing lawsuits in key states including Georgia – where he’s demanding the count is stopped.

“Not a single Republican has not been able to look at any one of these mail ballots.

“They could be from Mars as far as we’re concerned, or the Democratic National Committee.

“Joe Biden could have voted 50 times as far as we know – or 50,000 times.”

In Michigan, a state which Joe Biden’s won, local official Jocelyn Benson is dismissing Mr Trump’s claims.

“The purpose is all the same – to reduce the public’s faith in our elections and their outcomes.

“In Michigan, the process worked – our system is secure, accurate, and anyone who tells you otherwise is attacking our democracy or unhappy with the results.”


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