Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross says only safe course of action regarding the resumption of sacraments is to stick to public health advice

Paul Colton says while he understands and sympathises with the view that there appear to be anomalies in the remaining restrictions, a ‘pick and mix’ approach to the implementation of guidance risks creating doubts over the entire framework of advice and restrictions.

The Bishop was speaking after several Roman Catholic bishops told priests they can hold communions and confirmations- despite the public health advice.

The Archbishop of Dublin Dermot Farrell says parishes should hold shorter and smaller ceremonies, if they decide to proceed with them.

Five bishops elsewhere in the country say they’re going ahead with the services.

Junior Children’s Minister, Anne Rabbitte, says that breaks public health guidelines.

“Public Health still trumps everything. And I’m disappointed that the bishops haven’t got the patience to understand why public health or why the Taoiseach is holding so firm on this. Covid doesn’t need much to spread and unfortunately gatherings after communions and confirmations, That’s where it happens.”


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